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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Did Jesus Look Like? And How Important Is It?

SCIENTISTS got together and reconstructed the face of Jesus as best they could. Of course, this story captured the imagination of almost everyone, believers and those yet to believe alike. The image they came up with was a much less attractive face [at left] than the face depicted by Akiane Kramarik [at right], as independently confirmed by Colton Burpo in the story from the book and movie Heaven Is For Real.
Beyond the aesthetics of our Lord’s actual face, we have to imagine how meaningless the whole question of what he looked is. Until we imagine coming face-to-face with him in heaven. Then we will know forever more. Then his face will be indelibly marked in the psyches of our spirit.
What did Jesus look like? It doesn’t really matter.
If we look at the latest, less handsome version constructed by the forensics, we’re may likely to fall into thinking, “Can I trust a man who looks like that? He’s so unremarkable. And not just that… he just doesn’t look special at all… not like Akiane’s image.”
And yet, in that frame of perception we highlight to ourselves that our Saviour needs something more than what he did for us — to die on the cross to wash us of the effect of our sin. A Jesus that looks like that needs more; dangerous territory.
It doesn’t matter what Jesus’ looked like, or even what he looks like in heaven. The former is inconsequential because the act of going to the cross and bearing all humanity’s sin is more than we can ever conjure up in our understanding. The latter we’ll find out about soon enough.
As true believers in Jesus we have to wonder what the relevance is in what he looked like.
And if it matters to us what he looked like, surely then his looks will be rated by us. We will end up with a view on whether his looks make the grade or not. Sure, this new picture sounds interesting, but it makes a mockery of our faith, because it sends our focus in the wrong direction.
But then it might also be said that some may actually be won to the faith in the chasing of this story; we should pray that be so.
Jesus deserves our allegiance by what is written about him and by how he’s proved himself in our lives.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.


  1. It does matter what He looked like. It is wrong to always depict Jesus as Caucasian. He wasn't. Why should the whole world, albeit subtly, be made to think their Saviour was white? He wasn't. He looked like your average modern day terrorist.
    just adds to white supremacy...

    1. He doesn't look latino. Id say he looks more greek

  2. These two images can be both true. Because when Jesus died and revived after 3 days, his body changed to a glory form.


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