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Friday, August 12, 2011

Climbing Above Innuendo

The person intent on upsetting us has no goal for the longer term, besides continuing to annoy, for whatever reason. Why should they achieve their goal on account of us? The reason they annoy is none of our business or concern.

If we find ourselves intimidated—again, for whatever reason; like, the reason doesn’t matter—perhaps it’s more about us than it is about the other person.

It’s a fact that there will always be someone who will volunteer to rub us up the wrong way, or so it will appear to us. Our challenge is to climb above the innuendo.

Utilising the Logical Mind

The logical mind gives us the ability to stand back and reason, and it’s particularly handy when our emotions turn, and we become illogical or unreasonable. When we become emotional we will often feel reasonable when we’re not. Only with the benefit of hindsight, afterwards, do we see our folly.

If we agree to use the logical mind a little more, we can ask God to inform us of the need for it when we become emotional—tempted to react to the innuendo that we sense is coming our way (whether that’s a fact or not, i.e. when it’s our imagination).

Climbing above innuendo using the logical mind is turning whatever innuendo is intended for us, around. For, when we are not offended, the offender’s darts are rendered useless. Indeed, it can increase their anger; the innuendo falling on them.

But that’s not our purpose. Our purpose is to remain focused on what we should be focused on: the good, the peaceable, and the items of mutual respect building relationships.

Accepting Innuendo

It is a meek-spirited person that can live with myriad form of innuendo.

We can all work on becoming more meek-spirited. This type of person is not easily intimidated, whilst they are able to see plenty of evidence of the vexatious-spirited around them. Still, they are not overly bothered; they are not easily offended.

Acceptance is the key. But how do we get there?

A lot of it is about expectations. Certain environments contain more vexations than others. Maybe the meek-spirited person doesn’t focus so much on negative people and negative environments but sees life more in balance; weighing the reality that positive people and environments occur just as readily. They expect balance in life; that not everything about life is positive. When the positive comes they sense it in joy.

So, if we can accept that innuendo is part of our world—that it will come in and try and offend us, especially if it senses we can be offended—we can do a great deal about investing in the use of our logical minds to combat it.

This higher ordered logical mind we use to climb above the innuendo. In gentleness we cannot be offended.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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  1. Excellent....this one I liked very much. This is true for every person, maybe at different levels and on different terms. Thanks for sharing these articles...they inspire so much. Love-


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