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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Day, Then Eternity

DEATH IS EVER MYSTERIOUS. A proof of God is simply that dying confounds every human hope for immortality; because of this and because God loves us, there must be a heaven behind this worldly existence. Christians believe it by faith in Jesus.

In the following poem we imagine a 60-plus man who believes Jesus is his Saviour. His last day has arrived, not that he knows it; or his family, friends or colleagues. He has prepared for it but he does not expect it... he is about to make a supremely beautiful transition.


As he kissed his grandkids’ heads that day,

Not one murmur could his joyous heart say,

Today—the day—was to be his last,

Just like 20,000 before it in his past.

As he went about life that final time,

Nothing within him expected heaven’s climb,

For he was about to enter the rest,

That for which we’re considered our best.

That last day—truly coming-of-age,

Freedom at last—release from life’s cage,

It’s a bone of contention that we all resist,

But his last day compelled hell to desist.

The final transition—pain to bliss,

Life eternal is now hardly amiss,

Entering those gates—nothing compares!

Those left behind their mind now bears.


It would be difficult to write about this sort of subject if death was the finality of human life. But, for Jesus-believers it’s really the gateway to eternal bliss; to being in the lap of God’s Presence, finally, for all time (even though eternity is timeless).

Yet, no matter how brilliant heaven will be for us, we cannot even begin to comprehend it. Though, we can take God at his word.

The gentleman in question, as he kissed his grandchildren goodbye on their way to school that day, had no idea what lay imminently forward. None of us do. Our death lurks, but God is faithful.

The best assurance for those left behind is the thought of glory—finally, their loved one is home. And there he (or she) will wait. What a hope the family has in rejoining him!


God has wired within us all the yearning for life; for abundance; for joy. Only death finalises that hope. Yet, our loving Creator would never have designed us to want to live forever if there was no life beyond this world. We have heaven to look forward to, yes we do! This life is not all there is. Is heaven what you hope for? And, do you know Jesus?

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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  1. well put Steve.

    I am so grateful for the hope and the knowing of eternity. I love the word , I Iove the reality, and of course..I love Jesus.
    keep up the good work my fellow 'family' member..see you in Him, see you in heaven



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