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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Unpicking the Lock to Our Secret Selves

Each of us is quite unknown to ourselves unless we take the time and effort to explore and plumb the cavernous depths of our secret selves, taking the opportunity to unpick the lock that lies at the heart of the person we truly are.
This person is a person God loves, unconditionally.
That’s the first thing we need to know. Everything else unfolds from there. If we understand that God loves us and that God has created us for the discovery of ourselves, then we are able to harness the passion it takes to unpick the lock to our secret selves. And this is a thing that we should all want to do, for it is power for life—firstly for us, and then secondly for anyone we would know. For, when we redeem this power—the true knowledge of ourselves—accepting same—we will want it for everyone we meet, for everyone we know, and for everyone we see.
Perhaps it is only when we have truly found ourselves in the midst of the mysteries of God that we truly desire the same thing for the person still lost to that marvellous reality.
Going Deep Inside
Going deep inside ourselves requires an earnest commitment to a path—a commitment beyond any other commitment, beside our commitment to God—to leave no stone unturned within ourselves for the discovery.
When we truly know ourselves, and we can accept these bases of our creation under God, without any judgment or condemnation, guilt or shame, our perception of our existence is transformed immediately, not that it occurs overnight at all. But suddenly we understand what this is all about from the aspect of hindsight.
Going deep inside is the biggest test of our lives, and it goes beyond any external test that has been given us in terms of life. This internal test is purely voluntary, but who would not want to take it when what stands as the reward is the very power for life itself?
Going deep inside is about learning to be raw and honest in an unashamed way.
It is about digging into the truths of our pasts without judgment or condemnation, but with a true desire to come beside all of those ugly experiences and see them as God sees them; again, there is neither judgment nor condemnation. These experiences we had are just that—experiences. All they are there for is our learning. If we add anything to them beyond this we take them beyond God’s will.
And this is just the start.
Upon earnest enquiry, going deep inside, God will reveal things to us—things so basic, yet so pungently powerful—that we will wonder why we didn’t do it much earlier. There is no fear whatsoever involved in this.
There is a search to be had before we finish our lives; the search for the hero inside ourselves, in terms of coming to know the person we truly are. This is a journey we make with God; a journey of healing; a journey for life and for power; to be released so we can experience peace, finally. This is Sanctuary experience is quite unknown to most of the entire world, but it’s available to anyone willing to search and discover it.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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