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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Spirituality of the Rubber Hitting the Road

There comes the Day,
There comes an hour,
When life has to change,
When life’s turned sour.
What’s needed the most,
Is the wisdom to turn,
Away from the pride of sin,
And have the humility to learn.
Rock bottoms are only good,
If we’re honest it seems,
When we must get beyond,
Our fantasies and dreams.
Only when we turn,
Toward God Who is true,
When we finally have the power,
To do what we need to do.
Credibility is crucial in this life. Our reputations take a long time to build and they are obliterated in a second of foolish conduct. What price is regret? It is far too costly for a haphazard approach in a moment of delirium.
We can achieve anything in this life that is within the breadth of our scope, but we will always be limited by the failure to learn.
God honours the humble and squashes the prideful, yet one of the tricks of pride is we think we are humble. The humble never really think they are. They are afraid of the swinging axe of life and they prepare diligently in advance to be ready for the inevitable.
It is not good to ignore wise advice, just as it’s folly to think we are ahead of where we truly are. Listening to only our own thoughts is dangerous territory, as is listening to those who bear only ‘good’ news.
The spirituality of the rubber hitting the road is how we deal with the stark realities of life. Do we attest to the truth? Do we fight our deviant instincts to become deluded? If we don’t we soon will face delusion.
The person with humility will learn with intent and apply what they’ve learned. They are students in all of life. Because they see that reality is a thing always to be honoured, they submit to what they cannot change, and they adapt to what needs their attention.
When the rubber hits the road, and friction creates traction, and progress may be made, those who are serious will advance upon life, but those who are pretending to be real will fall away. Such is life over the history of the world.
Rock bottoms happen for a reason. They are a wake-up call for the sleeper in us to rise to attention and do what our life demands we do.
God is for the person who seeks to align with reality. God is for the humble.
Some will rise,
And some will fall,
Honour reality,
And you’ll scale
The day’s wall.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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