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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why the Meritorious Life is the Happiest Life

GRACED by privilege is nothing if we don’t convert such blessings inherited into traction for good.
Born with a silver spoon in the mouth is nothing if it’s not taken into the realm of release for the captives.
Released by the Lord unto a life of a life, such a life is wasted if it doesn’t procure release for others who are bound to their sin without God.
The biggest waste of life is not living it to the full when we have the chance. Some seasons we cannot live anything like the life we would. But when we can we should.
There is little good holding a position of influence if our conduct isn’t exemplary.
As I pondered my ex-CEO, now our State’s Governor, which is not an elected position, but one bestowed on a truly exemplary person, I saw not only position, but conduct. Her conduct always broadened her position. The living of a meritorious life was her key to making an impact, and making such an impact was the making of contentment. Contentment is always the outcome of someone without designs who has a love to serve.
A meritorious person loves to serve. They inspire others because they, themselves, are inspiring.
The meritorious life is the happiest life because the person has done all they can do with their life. Let eternity be their judge. And as God would judge, the Lord could not hope to be more pleased. The meritorious life is a life well spent.
Our lives are far more of value if we resolve to be meritorious through what we do for others than if we simply ‘played’ position.
What a disgrace it is to be in a position of influence and not utilise those resources for others.
Our conduct is something that will live on far longer when we’re gone than thoughts of our positions of influence that we held.
Nothing is as important as holding ourselves well for others. Our conduct is our privilege — if we have been blessed into positions of influence — and we all have some influence — we are duty bound to make what is ours bigger for others to step into.
Some are born to influence, and some rise to it. But influence without good conduct is a waste of time and love. Whether we are born to influence or we rise to it, let our conduct endeavour to outstrip our influence — for Christ’s glory!
The meritorious life is the happiest life because it lives for others by letting God live through us.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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