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Thursday, August 6, 2015

7 Hard Truths Which, When Accepted, Bless All Your Life

Life is full of hard truths. These are just seven of them. Accepting hard truths is the maturity of blessing.
1.     Your losses will seem very important to most people when you first suffer them. Interest will wane, however. It has to. Everyone gets on with life after the initial hysteria wears off. Then you are left with the grief. Only a precious few, if you are that fortunate, will share that with you. Be glad you have that few whom care. Try not to be resentful toward those who don’t seem to care.
2.     You won’t be as successful as you set out to be. This truth won’t stop you aiming for lofty heights, nor should it. Only as we settle into our twilight years will we understand how gallant we were, despite our lack of overall success. Regrets are inevitable. Accept this and regret won’t tear you apart.
3.     Loneliness in existence is about as certain as our need is to have an atmosphere to breathe in. We can deny it all we want to, but there is a lonely longing for eternity, yet we can’t drag ourselves away from life, nor should we. If you are honest, there will be many times you’ll be lonely, no matter who you have in your life.
4.     Love and you will lose. Some say “love wins,” but the truth is love leads to loss. Who we care deeply about won’t last forever. It shouldn’t stop you from loving, for what purpose is there to life when life has no love. Accept the risk there is to love, live boldly inside of that truth, and love will be worth the loss and grief you’ll experience. Only through love is there loss, and only through loss is there grief, and only through grief is there growth.
5.     The hardest lessons are also the truest and most trustworthy, and hard lessons come to us all. The prouder we are the harder they seem. Don’t resent life when life deals you the impossible hand. Life is just life. People are just people. And to not blame anyone means we may feel pathetic for a period of time. Such is life.
6.     You will not comprehend the things you most wish to understand. The harder you try the further understanding will be from your grasp. The only thing you can do is let go and let God. The important things cannot be forced.
7.     Only God can help. That’s it. Only God can help, when we call on him by faith. If you are agnostic, or worse atheist, you will need to be a special breed of person to experience true hope, joy and peace in this life. It is far easier to be open to God and find faith, for faith is an incredibly faithful ally.
Life is enjoyed when truth is no longer a threat. Enjoy learning the truths of life and you will enjoy life. Enjoy life however lowly it is.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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