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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Though You Stumble and Fall

You may stumble and fall,
And whilst you dust yourself off,
You’ll still wish to grow tall,
Just don’t slump into a trough.
For we all do stumble,
Every now and then,
It’s how we’re kept humble,
Whether we’re women or men.
God will do so much,
For those who appease,
For those who touch,
Others’ burdens to relieve.
So don’t worry if you stumble,
Don’t worry if you fall,
Be cheerful and don’t grumble,
In humility, walk tall.
It won’t always feel,
Quite as hard as this,
Keep being real,
And God will return you to bliss.
So there you go,
Keep being real,
The towel you’re tempted to throw,
Is your opportunity to feel.
What can we say when we fall short other than, “Lord, use this indiscretion, this lapse, this silly mistake, as fuel for learning and growth toward progress and perfection.” Yet, we’ll never get to lay claim to perfection. Our lives are what they are — a symphony of brokenness even as we strive for the higher ideal. Still, we’re just as happy if we never find ourselves in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.
Times of failure are utterly praiseworthy, for they keep our feet firmly on terra firma. Humiliations are humbling in such a way as to ward us away from pride. So humiliations are good for us. If we can be humble in our mistakes we grant others their role as our admonishers. We have allowed them a strength they may not be otherwise granted to have. Much as Jesus said, “You have no authority over me that the Father did not already give you, so use it.” (John 19:11) People’s power over us is one thing, but we have just as much power, vested of God, to confess on ourselves.
There’s one thing better than someone holding us to account; it’s we, ourselves, holding ourselves to account. And if someone will help us see our fault, let us glory in the truth, and expose ourselves where their exposure is found wanting. Of course, you may think this a ridiculous assertion. But there’s no better character examination than that of the Holy Spirit’s as he searches us as persons — as we can only personally know.
The disciple of Jesus is learning all the time or they default on their pledge of allegiance.
Learning all the time,
Yes, I hope to learn all the time,
God, keep giving me power,
To humble me in my pride.
Thank you, our Father,
For those who love me so much,
To speak the truth in love,
So I would receive Your touch.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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