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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Impervious, Holy, Gracious Nature of Love

Woken with thoughts I knew not where from, I decided to rise, to write them down, to endeavour to make sense of them.  Here they are:
Love Enmeshed In Truth As It Becomes Its Own Fora of Wisdom
Love argues a debate of reason without resorting to sarcasm, censure or name-calling, remaining ever kind and true to all sides of the debate.
And so such a thing as love is wisdom, choosing words and manner, not of decisive victory, but of truth each step of the discussion.
Loves argues a slow course, assigning its way to integrity, valuing unity of spirit, compelled by a vision of victory in the oneness of humanity.  All winning or nobody winning.  Nobody losing or all losing.
Love therefore has the final victory, because it thought not of victory, but because it valued truth.  It loved the idea that God alone is right, that His ways alone are just, and that fairness is ever the imperative of the moment.
And truth never advances without love by its side, because that in itself would constitute a lie.  Love cannot lie.  It will not compromise truth.  It stands integrally with the truth, real for the moment, every moment, at all times, eternally.
Love is its own wisdom; a wisdom of integrity, and the integrity of wisdom.
Trustworthy and true, love is found in victory, where there is nobody defeated but the lies propagated by the evil one.
Love’s purpose is wisdom, of integrity, of truth.  Love is impervious to crassness, holy beyond the trappings of vice, gracious ever in the nature of itself.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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