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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Take Your Time – Now, Whilst You Have It

“A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.”

~Edgar J. Mohn.

What is that most elusive commodity we all want more of? It’s time. Yet the paradoxical madness of the collective reality is how often we abuse time and think almost nothing of it, when we can’t get back the time we waste. This is known to us and others in our lack of preparedness to spend time with family and loved ones. Some get the balance right but most will usually struggle at least somewhat.

And how do I know? I learned the hard way—taking the jet-setting business lifestyle for a ride that lasted twenty months—only to find a marriage in ruins on the other side. And yet, since times I’ve learned so much. Never again will I take time with family—at that level—so much for granted.

Yet, I’m a slow learner really. (Most of us are.) I still choose my own stuff over time with my family too much... I mean in the momentary sense. My great love is to write, and so I find I’ve needed to place boundaries on that activity to protect the necessary time with family. Boundaries need constant monitoring and vigilance.

Our commitment to spending time with our families is measured in time—seems rather conventional doesn’t it?

The person committing most time (and effort) is blessed in the fact that they’re living a life of truth, for no one can do much better than spend a great amount of quality time with family.

I suppose this doesn’t help much the family that has to undergo enforced separation due to duty that is borne on the heart—serving one’s country, for instance. That’s different. Where would we be if the thousands who were needed to serve away from their families didn’t do so? Our society wouldn’t function.

These are the practicalities that must be worked out.

However, the general rule is those commending their time to their families are living the long form of life—that of endurance—for which they’ll be greatly blessed.

Their commitment of sustainable investment will see the maturation of harvest in their own time, and the time beyond. There is a propagating quality of good in families who spend generous portions of time together.

Love knows no bounds in a family context such as this.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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