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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Choices – Charting Our Way to Harmony

Every interaction and every day is sowing for us gains or losses as far as our relationships with others is concerned—and choice is behind everything.

Even the flimsiest of choices sets us on a path to the next event or circumstance, in its own trail of logic, as we consider these things in hindsight. No wonder all our relationships are either minutely succeeding or failing—from the perspective of the moment.

In simple terms every last thing we do is impacting our relationships either positively or negatively, never really neutrally.

In sporting terms we’re only as good as our last game. This is a general life truth that forces our hand to try. When we don’t try we ‘bow out’ via our choice. To try or not; both involve choice.

An Eternal Living Mandate

For all our relationships, today and tomorrow, we must strive past the urge to give in. All we need to do really is implement a sound mind, i.e. will, for the moment and once that’s done we can extract ourselves for the momentary rest or reflection activity we need—or whatever else.

In the moment, keep going.

Go on over that tumultuous hill with this difficult person or interpersonal situation right now.

Not only do we promote interpersonal harmony because we hold the moment, we gain the intrapersonal beneficence—and no less, peace—for preventing what could otherwise become a regrettable conflict.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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