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Saturday, June 5, 2010


John Lennon has left an undying musical legacy, but this is not about him, his music, or anything else except this testament to his posthumously-released song, Woman (1981):

“It’s for Yoko, but it’s to all women... to the other half of the sky.”

As men we don’t often enough thank the women in our lives for helping to make us into the men we are; the people we’ve become.

A More Godly Gender?

There is not a gender more deserving of thanks than the female. I think I can say that as a male. I’d always prefer the company of women over men, I think, because of their emotional congruence—at a core, as a sweeping generalisation, they’re more honest than men are.

It’s men, I think, that have often twisted this world into the wreckage it’s often seen as, or become; the women on the other hand of the male equation faithfully standing by their partners and forlorn humanity.

Women Teaching Men

As a man I know only too well the weight of mistakes I make—often as a result of pride or impatience. I’m getting better, but it’s been women—by far and away—who have taught me the most about the godly attributes of virtue. And this continues.

I think any man who is being honest with himself and fair with the world—as he looks over the pasture that has been his life—grazing over his successes—will see the woman there, the woman who’s stood silently by at times—faithfully to an inch—gracing him with the undeserved favour of God.

Second chances in abundance, he survives warranted very often by her.

Men Who Have These Feminine Characteristics

I know men who have these womanly characteristics of unnatural godly virtue. They epitomise femininity in these ways but they can still be very masculine. They, alone with the women portrayed, are grossly mature specimens—but, indeed, they’re a rarity.

God is calling more men to this; the form of masculinity that simply melts women because they’re emotionally congruent.

But it’s the women in the life of men that I’m lauding here—all women. The discouraged woman who’s lost hope in humanity—and God’s kingdom perhaps—for want of morally better males; it is my prayer that men might rise up in these cases and take a leaf out of the book of the genuine woman, becoming thinking, feeling creatures more authentically attuned to God.

Be Encouraged!

Women, be encouraged and never feel condemned. Jesus is using you. He is using you to humble the masculine playing field—conforming his bride (which is the church made up of females and males—all humankind)—bringing the whole scape of humanity under him.

All I think he asks of you is, become the woman he’s calling you to become—despite the harrowing distractions of that masculine world that at times gets you down.

Go on beyond this world and all its pettiness.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


  1. As a woman, I "felt" your compassion in this piece Steve. Wonderful perspective. I can tell you I was one of a disheartened heart at one time. and, God has truly changed my perspective. As, the world is a temporary place, my heart belongs elsewhere; but while I am here, I will listen to His calling; and pray for that humanity that you mention.

  2. Thanks Shawn. You have wonderful perspective. Personally, at times I'm reticent to share some of these things (though the part-extrovert in me makes it happen!) because I wonder if people will truly understand. I'm gladdened of your affirmation. God bless.


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