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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Falling for the One God’s In Love With

People with anorexia nervosa, just for one instance, may struggle to recognise the observable truth as everyone else might observe it, with regard to their outward appearance. It is a tragic irony, that, whilst they feel fat, they atrophy more and more to the point where it is an alarming risk to their health. The psychological premise to this condition has already threatened and compromised their well-being.
But we may all have conditions about ourselves where we fail to recognise golden truths that are important, particularly, in this case, in regard to our relationship with God – and what God thinks of us.
Everyone is in relationship with God, whether they believe in God or not, because life necessitates every single person, and life – the creative, dynamic life – is God.
We have the opportunity, as we sit or stand or lie down, to comprehend this truth: in God’s eyes you are beautiful.
God conceived you in his mind well before you were conceived in your mother’s womb; well before your mother and father, united by the exchange of their genetic material, surrendered themselves for the other. You were conceived in love, notwithstanding the circumstances of your conception. God was there overseeing every detail, notwithstanding the situation your mother and father were, individually, in.
God ensured it was you who was conceived, and by natural or even artificial conception, you won a race of one in 1,000,000 to claim the prize of life as your own. Nine months before you breathed your first breath you won your first race – your biggest triumph – and God was there cheering you on, having designed in his perfect plan that you would be the winner! It was the first time that God’s plan and your faithfulness to follow God’s plan came together. And you weren’t even required to ‘be’ there. God was already showing you favour.
Knowing how beautiful you are to the Lord your God requires a response.
You must do all you can to fall in love with the person God is in love with – you. This is no personal obligation, but an obligation we have to take God at his Word. Understood this way it’s easier to do God’s will – it’s for your own benefit. Who would stand against themselves?
Obeying God is, first of all, about believing his truth: he who created you, and who thinks you’re beautiful and perfect, wants you to agree. When you have agreed, and you can love and accept yourself as he made you, then you may be used more and more for his glory.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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