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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Soul Care – A Gift that Gives Back In Abundance

The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.”
― CARSON McCULLERS (1917–1967)
The reason there’s not enough care to go around is there hasn’t been enough care given; that’s because the whole world is broken, to the last human being. There is a reason why, when you go to your pharmacy/drug store, and, in being served by an inadequately supervised sixteen year old, you get short-changed on advice.
There is not enough care. It’s not any more elaborate than that.
Everyone is missing out.
Yet, when one person sacrifices for another, both are blessed!
The situation is easy to remedy but more people need to know the power in caring; to soul care – which is to stare a person in the eyes and ‘know’ them. It is to stare into a person’s heart, and they will invite you in; if you’re caring. It is to ensure we live that moment for them – and get this – in the totality of trust that God will provide everything; even down to our own personal needs for acceptance, love and recognition.
Something we give that is never a cost,
Is the gift of us to the one who’s lost,
When we give to them that needs us so,
God redoubles joy; His love they know.
God gives to us in the abundance of our love,
When we guide that one to His love above,
With kindness and compassion and mercy to boot,
New friends go away complete with plenty of love’s loot!
Caring for somebody else can be done with any attitude we like, notwithstanding their attitude toward us. They may not appreciate us, but we know God does. When we block out our egos to the point of pleasing God alone, our Lord tips in the vitality of consciousness of blessing we need to sustain our efforts.
Our opportunity is to take God at his Word. We bless others not for our own blessing, but, as surely as night is night and day is day, God does bless us.
When we commit to a selfless level of soul care, God gives back, and he gives back abundantly.
Caring is a rare and raw kindness that gives back; it’s a gift to them and us. God blesses the servant who puts their needs, desires, and plans on the backburner. Nothing may please God more. Soul caring is the care we give at a soul level. It penetrates superficiality and journeys with others just as they are.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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