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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Testimony

There is a hidden, golden truth,

Uncovered every now and then,

When another has the courage to share,

Others find their ‘when’.

“I’ve had addiction, depression,

And made all sorts of mistakes,”

When we hear these words,

There’s a release of our brakes.

When we see vulnerability,

We see God’s power,

It liberates us in order,

To be honest this very hour.

Never underestimate the power,

In your very own story,

In such a way – in finding peace,

We reveal all God’s miraculous Glory.


It is never too late to have a new beginning.

Having had a life where I frequently felt I’d wasted my life – that there was no coming back from ‘here’ – I am still so incredibly amazed how God has brought me to a place where I can contribute in his Kingdom. And amazingly, my life isn’t a waste; it’s a taste of his glory in one life that might liberate others.

Recently, I had a very courageous woman share with me the sharing of her testimony before a chapel service. Incredibly, her truth and her vulnerability opened the way for another, and yet another, to visibly approach her – “your story spoke into my own! – thank you.” One person’s courage has liberated another to tarry with the truth. One person’s honesty has given birth to another’s. One person’s humility has helped another be truthful in the setting that is their very own life.

And in all this the glory of God is revealed.

As the hiddenness of shame, guilt and unworthiness are smashed – the darkness gone because of the beaconing of light – we find truth gives us legs.

When the light comes in the form of truth, God is revealed in all his fabulous and irrefutable glory – in and through the vessel containing his majesty.

As we share our stories of God’s work in us, we liberate not only ourselves, but others, as the Spirit works in them, through us, in our inner beings.

These are no short glories. God’s power rests in such a thing as the truth in love. Having given ourselves unto God – for his reckoning and use – adding our courage to his faithfulness to draw us through – he gives us words to speak that speak life into others’ lives. We become more the same and less isolated.


It is never too late to have a new beginning. Sharing how God has brought us through is both power and grace, to the liberation of others to be real and honest. Sharing gives people courage to be vulnerable, and in that is the glory of God.

© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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