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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poems of Peace and Love and God

Back off enough
To observe
Life in its all.
Enjoy the stuff
Of the Divine
And heavenly Call.
God calls us to enjoy this life in all the wonder we personally have. In plenty and in want, en-joy!
Isolation and judgment,
Are what many parents face,
When ‘family’ is portrayed as perfect,
There is no room for God’s good grace.
Social media propagates a false message most of the time. Of course we put up our best photos and statuses, but all families have their conflicts and dysfunctions. We are all ‘normal’ until you get to know us.
Shame is a cancer of the soul,
Give it up before The Father,
It’s only purpose is to lead to repentance,
Salvation's experience you’d rather.
God’s will for guilt and shame is that it would lead us to repentance; a turning back to Him. No other godly purpose remains. Ongoing shame is not of God. True repentance leads to the experience of the forgiveness of the sin; no more shame. Repentance leads to a salvation experience where shame is dealt with and no longer remains.
Take in the Peace
That’s beyond you
Just now.
Experience release
That God would
Have you endow.
By faith in Christ we believe in the Presence of peace – a thing we believe is available for us, personally, notwithstanding any circumstance. This is not a peace that requires everything to be going well for us. It’s a peace that goes beyond even our understanding. It’s a gift of God.
Feel the breeze
And in silence
Do pray.
Remember to seize
The wonder
Of the Day!
This is joy: to harness the moment and to stay in the day. Many times we are focused on what is ahead or behind and we lose touch with the grace given for the moment.
Close your eyes,
Empty the mind,
Be relieved of your sighs,
Now to Jesus do bind.
As we cling to the Saviour for our life, having closed our eyes and emptied our minds, we are steadied. There is nothing better to be bound to but God.
Take off your shoes,
Put up your feet,
Feel the Spirit Who woos,
You, as you sit in your seat.
Experiencing the elevation of the Spirit as we sit: it’s something to partake in and enjoy.
A little poem for Lent:
Ashes for sin for mourning,
Perspective is the reason,
Thought for Christ adorning,
Contemplate the season.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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  1. Amen amen, our shame should take us back to God in repentance


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