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Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Valuing Diversity is the Key to Your Happiness

Relationships are the root of our joy
Despite the fact people sometimes annoy.
Cherishing diversity in others is best
So with joy and peace we can rest.
The hardest, most sullen life is intolerant to difference. But when we value diversity, culturally, racially, and philosophically, we are unified with each other and we experience love.
Love is what makes the difference in all things. A lack of love means there is conflict. But when love shines any conflict can be recovered from. Indeed, as we approach conflict in love, provided both are seeking a work-through, there is the enhancement of trust. But each must value diversity in the other.
If we cannot value diversity we are intolerant and such a tight frame for understanding is bound to be challenged daily. We are destined for disappointment, discouragement, and resentment.
But when we value diversity we climb above many legalisms and we show we are in receipt of love, because we can proffer love to the other. We may disagree with their views, but we may still honour their viewpoint; their unique contribution to the body of life and use of their life experience.
Love is the valuing of another. They stand there before us asking, “Do you accept me as I am?” or “Do you reject me without first coming to truly know me?”
What is our response to God? We will love or we will refuse to love. We will value difference in this world or we will value sameness and have no room to accommodate others who are simply different.
The essence of happiness is about fitting into the world. Valuing diversity is an inclusive paradigm. As we sow tolerance, we reap the love of others. As we affirm others’ fit in the world, we, ourselves, find ourselves fitting, and we, also, are affirmed.
Love others and we, too, are loved. When we are loved we are happy, because we have been accepted and not rejected. When no threat exists against us we are set to fly on the wings of love.
So, it is up to us. Will we love? Will we love by honouring the diversity of life in all the world? It doesn’t mean we have to side with evil or anything like that.
Even in those who are doing the wrong thing is a person to love, to accept, and to connect with in love.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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