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Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Unstuck Emotionally

Sometimes we reach out and at other times we draw back into ourselves; the trouble comes when we find ourselves all reached out or all drawn in—to the point where we cannot re-establish our centred spiritual or emotional shape.

Whenever this happens it’s usually a surprise. Our emotional response has us swimming, panicked and fretting, without sight of hard ground to land on. Sometimes it occurs in planning for a moment we’d rather avoid. Other times it comes as a result of a reflection: “Just why did I respond that way?”

However it comes, getting unstuck from moments we’re stuck in is a vital exercise in resilience. The healthiest of people find resilience as a habit.

Accepting The Flowing Subtleties Of Life

The way out of being stuck can be the opposite of what we think. Sometimes the harder we try the worse things get. We may achieve more success regarding contentedness when we accept the flowing subtleties of life that are, otherwise, impossible to predict.

Instead of attempting to perceive our response to circumstances and quickly interpret (judge) we may rest in the sea of our perceptions—letting them drift as they are.

This is a disciplined way of dealing with ourselves; ensuring we don’t make more or less of the situation than we need to.

In questioning our judgments, forcing them through the sieve of fact, we can come back to the truth. We may not know, and we may never know. Many subtleties are beyond us. We’re not meant to know.

Restoring An Invisible Balance

Besides our body language that may give us away, and this is not as telling as we think it is, though people are given to interpret incorrectly in any event, we’re islands.

Even to ourselves we’re islands; our problems from within can seem mountainous in their mystery. What we’re after is meaningful contact with ourselves. This is akin to restoring an invisible balance where we feel aligned.

Having relieved ourselves of the pressure of deciding why we are the way we are, having let that inner discord sit, we suddenly feel infinitely more at peace. No longer being against ourselves, and only doing things for ourselves, we rest. And even though it may not be instantly achievable, balance is attained.


We cannot help perceiving our world, and our part in it. We can help our interpretation, however. When we stop judging ourselves and our world, interpreting them through incorrect filters, we facilitate open-mindedness. Suddenly, and gloriously, we become unstuck.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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