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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Depressive Emotions and Spirituality

Beyond going to our doctor, and within a most desperate circumstance, we may feel abandoned for an answer to the way we feel. Surely it’s depression or, as a therapist I once knew would say, an episode of life leading to depressive symptoms (for instance, grief).

Notwithstanding the benefit of a good anti-depressant medication, there are things we can do, emotionally and spiritually, to address or suppress depressive symptoms, in order to feel comforted or better. This is the important thing: to feel we have some control over our day; even if that control is minuscule, but meaningful.

Dealing With Our Emotional ‘Stuff’

There’s no one on the face of the planet that doesn’t have emotional stuff to deal with. We may feel isolated, from time to time, by the fact of the lostness within us. It’s not only the past, but how we deal with the present, and our anxiety for the future.

At some point we might begin to know that we have this moment. Whether it’s relatively sad or happy isn’t the point; as human beings we’ll vacillate between varying levels of sadness and happiness. What’s important is a sense of happiness relative to ourselves. We deserve to be happy. And, it’s worth striving for.

Dealing with our emotional stuff is coming to terms with truths about us, whilst accepting what’s occurred, what is, and what will be. Whilst, these are no short missions, they’re no less vital. When we can enjoy the process of getting healthier emotionally we’re getting close to the happiness we can ultimately depend on, as joy—despite our circumstances.

Fighting The Spiritual Nemesis

There’s a name for this nemesis—the father of lies, Satan.

Many spiritual ills are due the attack of the prince of darkness. Prayer, in the name of Jesus, is that which helps, because the Spirit of the Lord has already overcome this arch-nemesis of God. As we pray, we ‘inflict’ upon our souls the instant confidence—knowledge, no less—that the fight has already been one. We remind ourselves as many times as we need to.

We’re reminding ourselves it’s not our fight, but God’s, and though our Lord has vanquished the power of darkness, he will again inflict Divine savagery, just for us, just for now, just because we’re loved.

The church fellowship we belong to, also, has a role in interceding for us. We gather about us two or three souls we trust, especially intercessors so gifted. We ask them to pray. We ask them to be spiritually discerning for when God brings us to their mind, for God will do that. Our burdens are shared when we have the might of a small army of intercessors working, through God, for us.


Beyond medication, depressive episodes can be alleviated as we attend to our emotions and spirituality. Knowing that, in God, we’re good people, worthy of a good life, and that God has already won the battle over our darkness can help. As we work hard at resting ourselves and receiving the support we need we can begin to feel better, one day and moment at a time.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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