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Friday, March 16, 2012

Content Through Our Ages

As we stand at a distance to ourselves, reflecting over life, the world, and the universe, and about how it all works, we come back, ultimately, to ourselves. The idea of life, as it’s personally lived, is living content through the ages... turning each page, through each stage of one life—us, in our intrinsic oneness.


Throughout these days,

As we turn each page,

Lost in the maze,

Within each complicated stage.

Being malcontent,

Despite hopes beyond,

We wish to relent,

For that which we’ve longed.

Asking heavenward and high,

Even down below,

Wondering if it’s nigh,

Or an extended show.

Life’s a whizz and a crack,

A dishevelled mess,

When we’ve missed the knack,

Behoves us to confess.

All said and done,

Comes to us now,

No point to run,

Success we now endow.


How might we look at life from the longer term perspective? I’d venture to say that frequently pondering such a thought can only enlighten our lives to the perspectives of God. This is the aspect of this poem, above.

As we turn each of the pages throughout our days, each stage, within itself, is complicated, messy, and difficult to comprehend. Only later, with the distance of the emotions set at rest, does the hidden idea of reality make itself exposed; and that, for our accomplished benefit.

Merging Middle Grounds

We get stuck in the middle ground much through our lives. We’re malcontents. We have our wishes, and these desires of the heart we struggle with; we desire them, yet wish to relinquish them. This desire to relent comes because desire is often too hard.

Another middle ground is the length of our moments, of seasons, even the entirety of our lives. Do they perish in immediacy, or do they endure? What can we expect? How will things turn out? These are all mysteries yet to be worked out in the minds of us, but not by the plan of God. All is known within the Divine.

Merging the middle grounds is the job of us humans. There, is peace. There, is meaning.


Life is an oft-confusing state of existence. Our minds are tossed to and fro as we contend with multiple perspectives, growing toward chaos. Our mission is to amalgamate the stimuli, bringing proper order to the pandemonium. Such a life is centred and continually re-centred and Shalom exists between.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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