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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Inherent Value of One Baby

There’s been a groundswell of emotion within me recently regarding babies, mothers, and families, pertaining to recent current affairs. The first concerns a lost or stolen generation, where mothers have been coerced into giving their babies up for adoption, creating irreconcilable grief within the mother, affected fathers, and of course the children involved—even decades on. Lives have been broken. The second issue relates to certain perverted views that newborn babies are not actually persons yet. I cannot touch the emotion within me over either issue, but I did feel compelled to search for a relevant quote:

“A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it.”

~Frank A. Clark

Preferring to work within the appreciative context, we must never forget the inherent value of one baby—one human being—one person. No matter how they’re born or how they develop, each one is perfect in the eyes of God.

What Babies Bring To Their Families And The World

We don’t have to invest much within our imaginations to understand the importance of babies—our survival depends on them. In the motion picture, Children of Men (2006), there was the hint of what it might be like to exist in a world without young people; it presented a reality of dystopia where hopelessness reigned.

Babies bring hope, but they bring ever more than that.

Just The Basic Value Of An Infant

It’s not hard to qualify the basic value of an infant. There’s one word that encapsulates the concept shrouded-of-innocence: the baby. That word is potential.

The next closest word to potential is hope; and hope should rise from within every one of us, for what else is the life force? And this life force gives us reason for existence because of the matter of love.

Babies epitomise potential; they embody hope; in them is God’s manifestation of love. Additionally, and we can easily forget this fact, we were all babies, due the fact, certainly, where we never outgrew the need to be loved. We’ll always need it.


The Divine design within life has been meddled with. Humanity, at its most grandiose, has been the transgressor, scientifically, socially, medically, and ethically—where families have suffered needlessly. Besides allowances for a God-anointed therapeutic function, the original intelligent design is perfect, and without need ever for change. Appreciating the matchless value of one single human life in baby form is the start, always, of something fundamentally wonderful.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

Image Credit: Herald Sun.

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