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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Do I Have? And, Is It Enough?

Times in life come, be they seconds, hours or seasons, where we really do question what we have and whether it’s enough. This is about what we have within us, emotionally and spiritually, in order to cope. We may have an abundance of ‘stuff’, yet very little in the way of the moment’s confidence to carry out and support life.

At critical times of honesty—times of identity crisis—we ask these very question of ourselves: What do I really have? And, is it enough?

These are fair questions. So, let’s look at them.

What Do We Really Have?

Asking myself then, what do I have?

I have:

Air to breathe, with lungs and the impulse for respiration which is enough, for now, to keep me alive; a conscious awareness to differentiate pleasure from pain; the ability to hope; people in my life, some that love me; the love and acceptance of God; faith in God; physical possessions that act as tools for life; the inspiration and motivation for work; the ability to hunt and gather; the enjoyment of food and drink; senses with which to perceive my world; relative freedom in my vocational setting; a mind to wonder with and a heart to dream; been blessed with many experiences—some happy, some sad, and so many between; both my rational thought and my playful being; the ability to become anything at any time; some quiet moments to reflect; feelings with which to feel; the ability and the motive to admire; knowledge of my sin which motivates me to draw close to God; my owned fallibility; all I can see even if I don’t own it...

There are so many things that I have...

... so many things that a few minutes’ reflection redeems infinity, at least in my small mind.

Knowing, With Confidence, We Have Enough

Living life with fortitude may be, of a sense, simply knowing we have enough; that all we have, as provided us in the essence of our living, is enough.

We’re so often thwarted by beguiling mischiefs of thought that satisfy themselves only in despairing us. They set themselves upon rendering our lives meaningless, for they have us focusing on everything we don’t have.

Why do we focus on the few things we don’t have rather than on the many things we do? We may be apt to reverse the order; many things we want and few that we have. This is a distortion.

We do have enough; to endure our days; to survive, yet even thrive. Counting up our blessings is heaping up upon our consciousness the gorgeousness of life.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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