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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Art of Happy Relaxation

Nothing beats a quiet night at home. Add to this prospect a couple of nice drinks, something tasty to eat and a movie and we have joyous simplicity wrapped up in the moment.

Whether we have a partner or not we can enjoy such a night. And if we feel like fellowship we do it with our best friend forever (BFF). If we’re alone we enjoy it with God. We make the best of what we have, and we commit to enjoy it.

Relaxation is prospered in change; when we afford the possibility and capacity of downing tools when we’ve been especially busy or in undertaking a cherished repose when the mental landscape has been arduous. There’s a time for relaxation; a time when we escape from the world; relaxation is not just a weekend activity; it occurs when we need it—when God provides the opportunity and we grasp it.

Planning The Opportunity

Everyone may foresee the opportunities for growth in the regress of availability—when we, for a time, disappear from common view. These are times when we turn off our computers, unhook the phone and cut ourselves off so we may be replenished.

There is as much beneficence in planning the opportunity than executing it.

When we imagine the availing space coming to us in rest and relaxation, in the freedom we have in escaping our world, we feel joyful; in control. The imagination has its way of refining our known place in the world, to make it as we would have it. Within the boundaries of possibility the imagination creates a foreseeable circumstance and environment that we can relax into. Using our resources, and any method we choose, we plan and we enjoy the planning.

Taking The Opportunity To Rest And Relax

At last the opportunity has arrived. We advise people or perhaps we don’t. We’ll be, for a time defined, out of reach, out of place, out of time. We’ll only be devoted to that environment we’ve set up; that’s to be our world for this time.

There’s a tremendous amount of resurrecting personal power in taking this sense of control. We live it without looking too far forward. Each minute we enjoy the moment. We want the memory of this occasion to reach deep down into us, so we can draw the pleasantness out of such rest any time we wish in the future—especially when we feel stressed and pushed for coping.

Perhaps one of the troubles of rest and relaxation is when it finishes. The mind’s eye should have available to it the experience of those feelings; the calm and the space felt. Instead of lamenting the closing of the opportunity to rest and recover, we do it in a way that allows us to relive the memory any time we want.


Everyone needs rest and relaxation; opportunity to recover. There’s joy in the planning, for our imaginations are sparked. Then comes time to withdraw from the world—bliss! We enjoy the moment in a way that when it finishes we can reclaim these memories any time we wish. Best it is to plan frequent times of rest and relaxation. The soul needs them.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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