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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why Deeds-of-Hate Don’t Work

There’s a time and a circumstance where we’re despised for something we’ve done or didn’t do; blame is vested toward us and the disgust of which it comes is poignant and incessant, for the season it lasts.

Perhaps we’ve had our turn at it. Someone has turned us inside out upon ourselves, and we couldn’t bear the thought of them being happy. We wanted them to get their just desserts—for things to end badly for them.

What we have here are thoughts and, certainly, deeds of hate, for wherever there’s a thought a deed is later, more often than not, actioned. We don’t have to think too far to imagine an example from our experience; examples from either side of the ledger.

The Stimulus For Hatred

Endless would be the list that proffers us toward feelings of hatred. These feelings come from deep within and cannot always be explained.

From deep within, and often several levels deeper than our conscious understanding, exists the nerve that’s piqued by given situations—for simplicity, let’s call it the hatred nerve—and we (or they) get instinctually angry and either withdraw or attack.

So often the stimulus that jangles this hatred nerve is either unacknowledged or unexplored. Either we (or they) aren’t aware or don’t understand why we get angry or we (or they) fuel the anger, justifying it as okay.

But either allowing hatred to fester or actually fuelling it is counter-productive. It never achieves for us (or them) what we (or they) set out to achieve. The demise of the hated rarely occurs. Indeed, successes are now more likely to be noticed by the hater as envy commences in full swing.

The Reason Hatred Never Works

Many people know this already, but the world works on love, on caring, on responsibility toward those ends, and in reciprocity. This is the Divine order, whether we like it or not. God has created life this way and loving action works harmoniously, whereas hating action divides, even—at its foremost—the self.

Those that hate end up despising themselves (below their awareness) and the more they refuse to acknowledge the truth the more they’re confounded by themselves; their end is never good. If it’s not resolved, they just get angrier.

Even worse is this fact: those in the position of hating will, by their thoughts and actions, twist others around them within their poisonous web. Now others are forced to choose between lies and the harder-to-see truth. And if the hater holds any influence, others will believe the lies and their lives will be compromised as a result.

Hating doesn’t just affect the hater, but it spirals off affecting others’ lives too. It can never end well for those who believe in lies.


Hating goes against the grain of life and becomes a curse to the hater and those who love the hater most. It rarely affects the person hated as much. Hating simply doesn’t work.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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