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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Therapy of Drizzling Rain Drifting Down

Drizzling rain drifting down,
Pattering gently on the roof,
All the mind’s spaces prevail,
Pleasantly quiet and aloof.
Gradually soothing the precipitation creates,
The senses for feeling alive,
Communication of bliss within,
Not one fake feeling to contrive.
When the mind is soothed,
And the soul is mesmerised,
Therapeutic space is made,
And time on Earth is prized.
Like a massage for the senses,
Is the reality of rain,
Filtering down from the heavens,
To make meaning out of pain.
For the gently drizzling shower,
Is God’s good delight,
As he waters the thirsty earth,
By his renewing and loving might.
Rain comes down,
And it comes down ever more,
The reliability of rain,
Is something to trust for sure.
Rain has set in this very day,
These showers are not a few.
Whether life is good or bad,
Rain is a reality that’s true.
Take a chance on the day,
For rain may stay beyond night,
Do what you wish and contemplate,
Walk by faith, not sight!
Rain reminds us to be contemplative. It takes us into the nether regions of our souls as if life was lived in the imagination. That is, until we have to work in driving rain!
But being inside, listening to the intense patter of rain on the roof or windows is bliss. There is nothing quite like rain, or a warming log fire, or a gentle waterfall to bring us to the sense for tranquillity.
Rain reminds us of presence of change, of cleansing, of growth, and of renewal.
We may find that rain is something that endures so far as what brings catharsis. Massaging the senses and the soul, rain does much more than irrigate the earth.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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