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Friday, September 5, 2014

Eternal Healing – The Ultimate Life Experience

Healing is something everyone wants to attain, even if they don’t recognise it by their need or mode of acquisition.
There are many needs, modes, and types of healing. And of these needs, modes, and types of healing, the supreme healing happens in the transition to eternity. Not that we ever could order our own healing by euthanasia, but we can look forward to a Christ-filled eternity – the eternal healing and ultimate life experience – if we are saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus.
As we consider our unborn baby, still growing in the womb, still kicking and moving about, we know that it is weeks or even days before the eternal healing and ultimate life experience takes place.
It is rather bizarre, that, on approaching 50 years of age, I have no experience of what the newest addition to our family will experience in days or weeks.
In any other way it would be as if our baby were jumping the queue; a queue that no one truly wants to join if they have any satisfaction in this life.
It is an eternal profundity that we are planning death before life.
We, along with many others travelling this path with us, cannot really reconcile the truth of our path. We are forgiven for being perplexed; for wrestling with an unsolvable enigma; for sitting quietly in the numbness with which the truth bears.
Even as I write these words there is a sense in me of the meaninglessness for writing, but my faith holds out hope that it may help someone, not least ourselves.
We have it all in front of us, and there are many, many people who have not had that luxury; the fact of death stole the moment of life without warning. Yet, knowing all along, living a surreal half-reality, also seems cruel.
The ultimate life experience, to be given unto God without any choice, may only be experienced once. Once for all time will we meet God. Once for all time we will make the transition from imperfection to perfection, from shaded dark into glorious light, and from mystery to understanding.
As we hold open in our minds and hearts the terrible truth, having journeyed 66 days in a meandering nether land, we still hold in balance that God is good, above all.
As our unborn experiences the ultimate life experience even before life is experienced, we, too, will experience life as if we’d never lived it.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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