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Saturday, November 1, 2014

These Are THE Precious Moments

Do now what cannot be done later,
Because there is only regret and sorrow if we don’t,
When the opportunity presents to respect preciousness,
Wise are we to do something that most the time we won’t.
God surprises us all. As we entered the hospital grounds a few days ago, we were very much hurried in our gait due to some pressing issues that we could not have predicted. Pressing issues have a way of consuming us, especially at the wrong times. More than once my wife has had to remind me over our married lives to refocus on what is truly important. As I write this, I can look into a mirror and, as the photo will show, I can see Nathanael’s crib. Soon I will pick him up and type with one finger the rest of this article.
These are the precious moments. They don’t last. A matter of a series of moments away we will have to say goodbye. The clock is ticking. Though his spirit has flown, and we know this to the depth of our beings, we cannot so quickly say goodbye to his tent – the physical representation of Nathanael. We know God is telling us to make the most of this time.
We have been so blessed by the courage of our family, several members of which were doubtful to visit, due the morbidity of such a situation. Amazingly, all of our siblings have visited, honouring both us and our son. They have all been touched by our little man. Our little man is nobody to be frightened of; he was a person and a person most vulnerable.
We praise God that he so consistently gives us more than we deserve. We don’t often enough take full advantage of the blessings bestowed our way. The blessing, here, front and centre, is the beautiful infant body of our Nathanael. We aim to make the very best of this time.
These are the precious moments. Such moments pass us by quickly if we don’t accord them the respect they deserve. That means we need to slow down and take the time these moments command. Better to do now what might only be regretted later.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.
As I typed the words of the last paragraph I had Nathanael in mirror view, grateful to know that God speaks powerful words: These are the precious moments.

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