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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Divinity of Surrender In A Grief Expressed

Some surrenders are sacred. To the grief I engage in, at the mode of reality that takes me beyond the sublime into a life-changing experience, I append the critical note of surrender. The best way I have found of grieving is to take my sorrow deep into the heart of God; to surrender it to him. Each time I take the foundation stone of acceptance into my time with God – even as it’s alongside less holy emotions of complaint and bitterness – is each time I’m met by the heart of God who begins pinpointing sore spots and healing each one meticulously. There is the assurance of safety replete with every measure of surrendering myself.
Surrender, from any chosen viewpoint, is the key to any devotion; the fundamental expression of worship.
So it is with surrender; when we grieve our losses in a way that surrenders everything of our will in exchange for enjoying the humbling Presence of God.
Surrender is also a paradox. When we no longer insist in keeping our death grip on our will and so-called control of life the enemy of life can hold nothing more against us. We cannot insist on many things in life, so acceptance is grace and, therefore, a great blessing.
Indeed, sometimes acceptance is a miracle in and of its own!
The divinity of surrender in a grief expressed – whether publicly or privately – is the purity of a focused intention. Such an intention will not leave us ever without some hope as a reward for God having blessed our trust.
Grief is something that can only ever be taken as it comes. It whisks away our control and suddenly we are blown by the four winds of adversity and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it.
The quicker we respond in trust when life is out of control, the quicker life will seem to come under terms of acceptance personally palatable.
Surrender is divine when it comes in the midst of grief that is honoured truthfully. When we cannot contend with reality, and we admit it’s too much, is when God will give us what we need to get through.
God wants us wholeheartedly all ways. This is not onerous because a full surrender is merely a joyous decision to loosen our grip over the very things we could never keep anyway.
Grief is something that can only ever be taken as it comes. The more we accept what we cannot change, the more we are instantly at peace with it. Surrender is a choice.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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