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Monday, February 22, 2016

Strength of Faith in the Midst of Depression

THOSE in the grips of the black dog, depression, would hardly agree, but from safe perspective, to step forward into a day when we’re depressed is to show great faith.
The harder the climb to the precipice the more accomplished we feel having ascended the peak.  Much is the same when we’ve had the most horrendous day and we slump into bed in victory!
Depression may rule our conscious moment, but it’s faith that signifies our journey.
Any mentally healthy person with a semblance of compassion, who looks upon a person seized with depression, who shows up on life’s doorstep each day, to have a go; that one sees a hero.
Against all the odds, the person immersed in depression overcomes every obstacle by sheer faith.  They must.  They have no possession of hope.  No anchor is theirs, and those lumpy seas are awash in a perfect storm, and those depths are unfathomable.  But such is their faith!  And even if they give up, they must inevitably keep breathing and moving and trying.
The will to survive, in and of itself, involves such great faith.
The one sensible in their faith sees the one who has no grip of sense, and they see spiritual toughness that’s the envy of those who take their faith for granted.
So, great is your faith if you get up any morning swathed in dread, and yet get to work on the work of your life, however small a task it is.  And even if you can’t, you inspire those who, with compassion, see the inroads you’re making in the living of life.

© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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