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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dear Jesus, Now, About Submission

May I proffer a prayer?  Of course, You’ll say, “Okay!”
Lord, I struggle to submit; in my pride and in my fear, and these in combination, with misunderstanding, and an oft-skewed perception, together with a spoonful of gracelessness, I struggle.  It lands me in hot water every time.  And I know it’s Your will that I not only submit, to the remittance of Your power, but it’s also Your will that I suffer the consequences of my sin, for that’s how I’m destined to learn or to languish, which is my choice after all.  You are, after all, a wholly just and a solely righteous God.
Why is submission so hard, Lord?  Why do I get it right some of the time, yet at other times I don’t?  Why is it that I must suffer this pride that hates being prideful?  How is it that I’m encumbered by this overweening need to be humbler than I am?
Thank You that in the times I do submit, that You give me Your power and favour and rest.  My heart is richer for the peace You give that says “Enough!” knowing that enough is not only okay, but perfect on earth in Your estimation.
You, who submitted perfectly when You strode the earth, which was a submission You were frequently criticised for, and a submission that saw You given peaceably, though in torment, to death; that submission is what I seek for You to teach me.
About submission, Jesus.  Make it meaningful in my life and time.  Make it manifest through every fissure of my life.  Make it multiply in effect for Your glory’s sake.  AMEN.
To submit to the Lord is to surrender in such a way as to trust Him, who is Peace, Hope and Joy, for peace, hope and joy.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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