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Monday, August 8, 2016

A Day Like None Other, Ever

Wind rushing through leaves,
exciting sensory perception,
soothing waves in the distance,
definitely no resistance,
fresh cast each one as if a new idea,
clouds on the horizon —
a soul-bracing landscape.
Nothing else piercing my consciousness,
the land and the air barren for nothing,
beauty in everything God made,
antipathy for everything man made,
oh Lord, why don’t I get out more?
you replenish my spirit and satisfy my soul,
and all the artificial world can do is cuss at me.
Even as I gaze across the water and view such splendour, for me God’s grace manifest and manifold in the witness of Himself, and of His Presence — everywhere, in every creature, in every facet of nature, and at all times — I am awestruck, that His creation continues to move and have its being and have dominion over the whole earth notwithstanding human interaction and interruption.
God’s grace hovers over the earth, empowering even His smallest creature, and we are but witnesses if we will only slow down enough to see what is patent before our eyes.

Why do we rush and hurry and concern ourselves with such busyness, and, for what seems to us to be the contempt of humanity against us, when we could otherwise see what is eternally there?
The ghost of all creation is in this mirage that we are blind to otherwise see.
Nature goes absolutely ignored if we’re too busy to see God’s glory manifest in it.
Why do we miss what is eternally there, through all our days, to be seen?  We’re fools to miss what we’d otherwise never fail to see, if only we slowed down and opened agape our eyes.
Stop the chaos.  Watch what can be missed.  Feed upon the richness of His variegated creation.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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