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Sunday, September 18, 2016

3 Places You Draw Your Needs From?

We draw our needs from three potential places: from others, from ourselves, and from God.  Only when we draw our needs from God are we in the lap of God’s will.
Drawing Our Needs From Others
Co-dependency is one example of where we need others to fulfil us.  Another is in the practice of serving others so that we would be fulfilled; that to please others is the only way we can be pleased.  When we draw our needs from others, we don’t rely on God or draw on the resources God has given us for our use for ourselves and others.
Drawing Our Needs From Ourselves
Working in our own strength is only sustainable for a while, then we tip into burnout, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, disappointment, and ultimately despair.  When we draw our needs from ourselves, we act as if we don’t need God or others.
Drawing Our Needs From God
Reliance on God is not a thing that can be taught to anyone, except by the Holy Spirit.  Only the Spirit of God can convict a person to understand the fact: life runs best when we dwell along the axis of God’s will.  When we draw our needs from God, we’re best for ourselves and others, which means we’re best for God.  God knows we need others and He gives us what we need for ourselves, but only when we draw our needs from God can we need others and ourselves appropriately.
May God truly bless you as you draw your needs from God,
Steve Wickham.

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