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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nobody Has An Easy Life

It’s our human default to feel life should be easier than it is; we think we have a hard life. No matter how glitzy our social media looks, we all feel unfortunate, at least from time to time. But there are those who are genuinely unfortunate — those with a lot to lose and those with nothing left to lose.
Even the person who seems to have life easy has it hard. The unmotivated lazy person, for instance, isn’t doing life easy, no matter how hard we’re doing ours, even if they appear never to have to work hard. They have not only a tough present, where fear for the future controls them, their future really is laced with uncertainty.
The rich and ‘blessed’ person is no better off; their riches threaten to evaporate when fortunes change, and it’s a biblical principle rooted in the truth of history that riches typically last three generations at most. The rich cannot secure their wealth for those coming after them. It depends on factors outside the realm of performance.
Then there is Joe You-and-Me. We run the gauntlet of life and we’re blessed in the keeping up — but we must keep up, and that’s stressful. Many days and many times during such days we feel life is unfair. We commonly look past many blessings, and that’s because it’s only within the capacity of hard work that blessings are commonly realised. We have to manage our fatigue, and where burnout is a possibility, coping measures must be learned, and that’s an arduous trek!
Finally, there is the person who doesn’t feel they struggle much at all, though if we were living their life we might disagree. Some of these people appear to live fortunate lives, but the operative word is ‘appear’.
Everybody’s life is hard. Nobody gets it easy. It’s when we think some have it easy, we feel we have life especially hard. And that perception is fair on neither them nor us.
What helps us in our struggle is the knowledge that everyone has their struggle.

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