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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pride Doesn’t Have to Precede the Fall

Everyone loves the humble, (apart from the envious)
They’ve learned to expose their pride,
Rather than inwardly grumble,
They’d prefer to be honest than hide.
That awkward moment when pride is exposed for what it is! That time when a true friend had the pluck to challenge us with the truth. When their courage flouted the relationship enough to pique growth rather than give in to the cowardice that resists conflict for fear of rejection.
That moment, these moments, are the moments of last chance; of reconciling the lie of pride with the truth of humility’s capacity to respectfully pour contempt on that pride.
There’s no need to suffer the fall (Proverbs 16:18) when someone’s brave enough to love us through a challenge.
Sure, not all challenges are couched lovingly, nor are they all complicit with the truth, but all challenges can be heard, as impetus for God to test our hearts (Ps. 139:23-24).

It’s all God requires of us; to peer into the glories of His truth. And as we direct our senses rightfully, God gives us the reasonability to rationalise what would otherwise be too hard for us to bear; in our pride.
But pride doesn’t have to have the final say, besmirching our character. At the very moment where pride rises, insecurity peaking, we still have the opportunity of awareness; the strength of surrender to give ourselves over to the truth, which is humility.
Honesty requires courage, and with bravery, undergirded by faith, a person is humble.
When pride rises, as it is about to make us look foolish, reason supplies the opportunity of choice; to prefer humility, which is honesty.
Before pride gets us into a world of trouble, we have the opportunity of choice, to take the humble approach.
Pray for perspective, to hear God’s Spirit in the silence of your soul, for the ability to respond well.

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