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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Prayer of Reflection – the Gift of a Heart of Forgiveness

HERE I come before You, my Father,
Heaven’s desire steeped in my heart,
But unless to You I submit,
No portion of Your Spirit will You impart.
So, with that I humble myself,
In order that You may do,
Everything of Your accord,
And my heart would abide in You.
Even in the deed of surrender,
In the holy work of submission,
Bowing before You alone,
I’m granted Divine permission.
Then Your Spirit enables,
Searching deep beneath,
in the nodules of my heart,
You see everything as it is,
And there let my confession start.
Experiencing Your incising Presence,
Your grace-filled, truth-lit hand,
Though I’m rendered weak,
In that weakness I can stand.
That moment of truth’s deep ministry,
Within grace’s unfathomable flow,
I know I’m in safe hands,
And out of bitterness I can grow.
Faith emerges from belief,
When I see the work You do,
Transforming me from within,
Renewing me in what is true.
The covenant we join when we submit to Him who is our only help is not simply a binding one, but one in which there is victory.
Forgiveness is a gift of the heart. A God-job done without any help from us but surrender, confession and repentance.
Whenever we forgive we pray, ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as in heaven’ by our actions.
To forgive is to wrench calamity out of the enemy’s hands, to wrest control for truth and love.
Forgiveness is brokered in weakness but, in it, from God, we borrow strength.
Clemency is a gift enjoyed by all who prefer grace over condemnation.

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