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Friday, September 15, 2017

Forgiveness facilitates freedom into functionality

RANDOM things are said in deeper conversations. Invariably wisdom goes unnoticed. The following sentence I heard piqued me: forgiveness facilitates functionality.
In simplest terms, forgiveness makes being functional easier. Being a functional human is equated with partaking in the abundant life, which is from the wellspring of Jesus.
Everybody ought to want to be more functional, because that’s where love, joy, peace, empowerment and hope — the fullness of life — come from — from being functional.
But forgiveness is not easy. We must continue to guard our hearts through the process. We must acknowledge the truth that buoys our faith. That is, the choice to forgive breeds life, even though it feels like death in the sacrifice of ourselves for possibly no gain. It warrants all our surrender and promises nothing but for the faith that compels it to begin and sustain its work; the hope of reconciliation that obliges us to not give up. And if we can let go with unconditionality, then we have power through the Holy Spirit to facilitate freedom into a fuller functionality.
There can only be unconditional forgiveness like there can only be unconditional love. Conditionality make both forgiveness and love counterfeit. They cease being what they say they are.
Forgiveness facilitates intrapersonal functionality. Personal wellness is gained when we lose something (by letting it go) that can only condemn us. It is a commitment to go a new, albeit uncomfortable-for-a-time way. The commitment to grow and not to rescind can only be a blessing.
Forgiveness facilitates functionality in relationships — within families, communities. As we let others go and refuse to any longer judge and punish them we let ourselves go. The irony of unforgiveness is this: when we judge and punish others we only end up judging and punishing ourselves and hurting those we love. When we’ve finally stopped judging and punishing God opens our minds to the endlessly creative possibilities in life.
Forgiveness facilitates functionality in our reception of the Divine. We only truly receive the fullness of the Lord when our hearts are wide open. And what happens when our hearts are wide open? We forgive. It makes no sense not to.
But it’s only by faith that we choose to forgive. Faith fuels the forgiveness that facilitates the freedom that converts to functionality.
By faith we choose,
To let go of blame,
For the bravery to lose,
Is the vehicle of gain.
Forgiveness is going backwards to go forwards. In owning our own stuff, and in letting go of theirs, we allow each of them and us the freedom to be, without judgment and toll.

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