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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Time – Now or Not

Life’s a game of chance at the flame of our decision — we live it however we want. The point is, by default, we follow the warped sense of joy that amuses us, tantalises us, and rewards us — even if that’s a hellish dungeon.

Every outcome is not possible. We cannot have it all ways.

So it is with our families.

We spend time with them at every opportunity we can, or not. A day passed over is a day never reclaimed. And at a time when the days are shorter than ever, might there be a time when, with sick regret, we’ll loath the way we spent our time?

Consequences Later for Choices Made Now

History will not be changed. It will stand as a record for or against us.

Barring any Judgment — it’s us alone who will adjudicate.

It’s us that needs to see, now, from eighty-year-old eyes — looking back over the life that was, which is yet to come. It’s possible for a thirty, forty, fifty or sixty-something person to look forward so far they afford an insightful look back. This is envisioning how we might feel about how we lived our lives.

How would it be that at seventy we might be thankful to God for the wisdom he gave us at thirty-something — for the choices we made with the information God gave us?

Spending time with family, while we can, is a copious portion of wisdom that will never prove regretful.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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