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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Blessedness of Marital Companionship

“An excessive interest in sport and happy companionship rarely mix. Take note!”

~Janvrin & Selleck, The Two of Us.

One thing worse than game day for some people is the commencement of a whole new season. Many ‘widows’ are made at the beckoning of husbands to the television set.

But, just as bad is an excessive interest in soap opera and teledrama.

There are so many veritable barriers to basic companionship; it’s always been this way, despite the apparent glow of technology and love of sport and all things of amusement, these days.

The Desire for Simple Companionship

We can all look at our lives and learn something from the couple that maxes out on spending time together.

Sure, some partners have a great need for quality time — the love language — but not everyone does. For the couple where neither one pines for times of friendship there’s little problem.

They won’t be reading much further (if they’ve reached this point!).

More often than we’d realise, however, there is one in the partnership who desires greatly the companionship that marriage once promised.

Day after listless day their dreams of getting enough ‘couple time’ reach the same end. The dream begins to wither and anything from hopeless acceptance to narky resentment comes over the afflicted partner, as the need continues to go unmet.

Their desire and need is remarkably simple. A surprisingly high number of partners do not get it though. The challenge is how to communicate the need in a language they’ll understand.

Companionship is the Pinnacle of Marriage

In my article, Love Begins Again – Via Acts of Intimacy, I mention the importance of intimacy — the fact that it’s more important than passion in a relationship like marriage.

Joining the concept of companionship with intimacy seems right, for intimacy is a sense of shared love; a bond of trust and respect. At its apex there’s no conflict — or it’s worked at, and worked out, together.

Two are truly one in the intimacy of companionship, and whilst this is true from a physical sense with passion — of bodies wrapped together in the act of sex, perhaps — it’s ever deeper in meaning — mentally, emotionally and spiritually — in intimacy.

Intimacy is superior.

For those missing this in their relationships it’s either a lack of conversion or observance; partners either not understanding the need or simply they’ve forgotten.

Time to plan a date?

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Post Script: I know some couples who love spending game day together. Now that’s companionship!

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