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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Being WHO We ARE Any Moment

Meeting Bono, Nelson Mandela or the Queen of England. What a thought. Naturally we’ll be given to awe. Meeting a prospective boss at a job interview brings similar challenges. Managing our nerve is a key task of life.

If we were to meet Bono, Mandela or the Queen, it would be God’s will for us to be sharply reminded—these are just people like us. Yet, for what they’ve achieved, where they’ve been, and what they’ve seen—indeed, who they are—separates them from so-called mere mortals.

Still again, they are just living, breathing, walking and talking human beings, disregarding their legend.

Overcoming Self-Consciousness

Being who we are any moment is the ability to maintain our personal integrity despite the distractions going on in our head regarding who is in our presence or what is before us.

It’s not being self-conscious about anything ordinary or distasteful that we might think others will see. By far more important is raw honesty delivered in a friendly way.

This can be really difficult.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that when we’ve recently bared all of ourselves, and we’ve not been rejected, we have the fresh courage to present our core selves. But maintaining this courage is the difficult bit.

Courage begets confidence. It’s actually confidence that we lack. The good news is that confidence can be procured by the steadfast mind; that’s also deeply rooted in the truth of the present reality.

Accessing Confidence

When we see someone showing admirable courage we see confidence lighting up their presence. It’s noticeable and that’s part of our problem. Timidity doesn’t want to be noticed.

To overcome our timidity we need to climb over it in courage, whilst doing it in wise ways so we don’t damage our confidence even more.

In the presence of someone we’re nervous around we must actually negate the scared thoughts in our minds by acting in courage—and, therefore, accessing confidence in the moment—which is faith. Honesty is a core ingredient, because if we are not honest we come across as fake anyway.

Confidence is faithful. It arrives as promised as we sow in courage and honesty—these together, faith. But again, our faith must be well informed. Hence again, there’s the need to be in touch with the truth.

Just Being Ourselves

This must surely be the greatest blessing known to humankind—the freedom and power to be ourselves... the individual persons God made us to be.

If there is one thing we must believe that God wants for each one of us it’s to feel home, and completely comfortable, in our own skin; minds and hearts aligned in the confidence of self-acceptance.

If we achieve just being ourselves we put on no act before anyone. We are blessed in a Spirit-filled confidence and others around us are encouraged to be themselves also. Intimacy is a two way street.

We have the capacity to be who we are any moment.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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