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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Everyone’s on the Journey of Life

Speaking with a mature-age graduate about perceived prejudices being accepted into graduate programs, hearing his frustration, I realised the challenges some people are up against. Life is plain difficult for the many, whilst many too are correspondingly bored with their lives.

Everybody has difficulty.

Some struggle just to keep up with all the motion in their lives; others are ready, and have been ready for some time, to take the next step, but that step never seems to come. Some have tumultuous relationships to bear and consider; others only hope and dream of some of those sorts of challenges. Some are burdened with pain we couldn’t contemplate; others feel no pain and their numbness bothers them no end—they just want to feel. And then there are those all in between, with one of a million different fragments to identify them and indemnify their journey.

Everybody has challenges.

Very few people find themselves perfectly delighted in their lives for long lengths of time.

Indeed, the moment we finally find we’ve ‘made it’ we might also find we’re in for a rude surprise.

Appreciating the journey is about appreciating that everyone is on the journey. We may feel less besotted with our own lives, and happier generally, when we step into others’ lives and feel for them. In this God is made real.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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