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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Palm of God’s Will

What we are so concerned about now won’t be a thought in two years time. That concern, then, we cannot imagine just now. Hence, we have nothing to worry about.

Instead, again and again and again, we ought to refocus on the moment’s imperative—who to listen to, how to talk, what to plan and execute, where to travel, when to depart and arrive, and the constant challenge: why do we do these things we do? These are the matters for today.

Staying contemporary is a matter of quiet self-discipline, augmented by the simplicity of doing only what the Spirit of God anoints.

With an eye on the present and an ear for the Spirit’s voice—as the adroit morality of the enquiring conscience informs us—we are perfectly equipped to bid at the Lord’s undertaking.

Being in the palm of God’s will is a supernatural presence all about us to know that now is all we have; it’s all we need. Satisfied, we go on and steady the moment. The spiritual life, other than healthy reflection or planning, is about constantly reverting to that place of coming back to now.

Now is the presence of the moment. Blessed are we when we retrieve such awareness and bring it forth into action. Then we are able to be still.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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