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Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Ways to Make a Good Day

How do you define a good day? What makes reflecting of an evening a joy as opposed to a frustration? Surely we can make a list of five things that may help classify any day as good.

Good days can have any of the following components:

1. Spend Time with God

Any day where we can spend time with God, and this means any and every day, is a good day. It therefore contends toward our understanding: every day is good.

But we need to make it good, for we don’t naturally practice the Presence of God, do we? Some may have it as a gift but the vast many don’t.

For most, spending time with God will be a deliberate act where part of the day is spent in prayer. Then, for some, it means continually abiding in the Lord most moments of each day. The latter is preferred.

When God is felt present it makes for a good day.

2. Love Another Person

Is there a better objective in life, apart from loving God, than loving another person; especially one in need? Our opportunity is to plan ahead for the person we may love in a particular way, as well as to refine the instinct in the preparedness to love at a moment’s notice.

One abides as part of a plan. The other is acting on a Spirit-led urge to do something lovely or kind or compassionate that wouldn’t happen if we weren’t around. A day where we blessed someone should be considered a good day in anyone’s book.

3. Learn Something New about Ourselves

Life is the learning ground. If there is a purpose in life, as far as our lives are concerned regarding each and every day, it has to be centred in the objective of learning.

Learning something new about ourselves, or perhaps relearning an old truth, is the grace of humility as we allow God the divine decency of reaching into our lives, with wisdom, power, and truth.

God loves us in this: we have freedom to accept learning or reject it. The former redeems blessing; the latter, cursing.

It’s a good day when we become aware of, or learn, something God wants us to know.

4. Serve In Some Useful Capacity

Work has a specific function and rewards us with joy—effort makes rest worthwhile. When we’re extensively bored or trudge life without purpose we become sullen, disinterested, de-motivated, and ultimately depressed.

Serving in some useful capacity has a world of creativity about it. There are a thousand opportunities each day to serve. When we serve we choose for joy and that makes it a good day.

5. Share the Essence Of God with Someone

Conversations about God, or times when spiritual concepts are explored, enlighten the hearts of those privy to the discussion—both can be blessed.

And yet, to share the essence of God with someone is not limited to words and conversations; it can be an act or a kind thought, something even unsaid. Sharing the essence of God is simply being a light in the darkness; being such a light has myriad form.

Times when we’re part of God’s miraculous plan always make for a good day.


Good days shower us with an abundance of cathartic feeling. As we reflect, enjoying thought for blessing, we’re blessed even more. This propels us into the next day, and the next.

Good days are started gratefully; they continue in peace; and they end in a reflection of faithfulness—God is good. Good days make us happy to be alive.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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