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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Think, Feel, Therefore Act

Reversing the incoming tide of emotion, that which threatens to swamp us, can seem impossible. When we revert to a good thought, however, we push on, transforming our perspective and, often, out of the quicksand we climb.

Imagine waking to the perspective of drudgery:


There’ll be mornings we’ll arise,

Nothing hopeful—darkest skies,

Then there’s thought of cool relief,

That’s the moment that belies belief.

Ever watchful this time we’re not,

Emotions we throw in with our lot,

Darkness, darkness, ever extending,

Until, that is, we think an ending.

Thinking, thinking—need to transform,

So these feelings don’t become the norm,

Then it is we’ll change our act,

This is will the way we must react.


Mornings That Belie Belief

Believing persons have an underlying belief system that acknowledges the goodness of God. When circumstances occur, however, that defy such a belief our faith is tested.

Mornings, as a metaphor for renewal—sometimes the worst kind—come occasionally like this. For want of logic we cannot reason why we feel this way, so, therefore, we think. Our negative, hopeless thoughts propel us into feelings that confirm the thoughts. Next thing we’re looking for an escape clause—any reason to get out of this situation.

On such mornings, if we have even a pinch of perspective, we can cut that initial feeling off and think differently about our encroaching situation.

This is an important positive denial. It’s important, though, to understand we cannot continue to deny—we are best to deal with the causes of these issues, entering into prayer about them.

Surrendering to the emotion may, at times, be precisely the thing we need—in this we find rest in God. Otherwise, we push on. Only we can know, individually, with the Holy Spirit’s sponsorship, what course is correct according to the situation.

Perspective Informs Thinking

What we see—our situational perspective—informs our thinking, and thinking, or thought, potentially either empowers or destroys our joy.

Joy, then, is proportionate to the adroitness of our thinking. Sound thinkers approach joy—it’s within their sight and grasp.

Our base perspective never changes; only our perception does.

If we see the whole of our lives in the context of our blessedness (which is our true perspective)—a portion of which everyone has—we put the negative into its proper light.

If we restore our base perspective, our thinking aligns in soundness, and we experience the joy of well-adjusted feelings and, consequently, God’s blessings for the good acts that follow.

Our Thinking Empowers Our Destiny

What we think determines how we feel and what we feel establishes how we often act.

We can think our way out of most problems simply by slowing down, taking a deep breath, and relieving our minds of the dark clouds that surround. We swap that for true (broader) perspective.

It may seem simplistic, for it is. Obedience is always irrevocably simple.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

Photograph: Milford Sound, New Zealand.

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