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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Intimacy of Overlapping Imaginations

Relationships need mutuality.
The intimacy of overlapping imaginations is what happens when our minds meet with another person’s mind and there is that special connection between two. This sort of connection is saved for the superlative marriage, for best-friends-forever, and for those relationships where teams come to endure great and tumultuous conquests together.
The intimacy in overlapping imaginations is that crazy sort of connection we serendipitously arrive at; both amazed at the wonder that is felt in the inter-psychic space between them. A bond that transcends time and space occurs.
Halcyon Relationships Are Symbolised by Fleeting Moments of Connection
Whenever a loved one has died, the mind recalls memories of split instances in time where something special was said or done. We retain that fleeting moment as an enduring memory that symbolises what the relationship meant to us.
This, and many other examples of the best of times, is proof that the best of relationships are harnessed in the heavenly moment that transcends every self-conscious barrier. In the moment, from the spiritual viewpoint, two become one.
In a flash there is the overlapping of the imagination. The meeting of minds and the heralding of hearts brings a transformation of purpose to both, or all concerned.
All it took was a moment of mutual openness.
When such a moment arrives, many other previously regrettable moments are swept from the memory. This is the moment of redemption!
If we would believe, falsely I might add, that there is no basis for redemption in certain relationships, we may stand to be corrected to experience such a heavenly moment. No relationship is beyond repair, so long as there is the possibility of having a moment of mutual openness with the other.
Opening Up Into Another
Our opportunities to love are myriad every day. As we open up into another person, through a gentle curiosity to understand their world, without the slightest sense of intrusion, we expand the likelihood of engaging in the overlapping imagination—where two minds combine, for a moment, into oneness.
In the moment, the transaction of loving affinity is made—a fusion of souls. This is relationship.
Opening up into another person is one soul’s availability for another. Preferring another person’s agenda over our own creates space for the overlapping of their imagination with ours. All it takes is the desire to enter into service for another.
Relationships are blessed because of the overlapping of imaginations—where two people share a moment of oneness. Establishing the overlapping of imaginations requires the enjoining of one person’s curiosity with another person’s receptivity.
Love is a two-way street, but love starts when one reaches toward another in ways that the other person welcomes.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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