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Friday, April 5, 2013

When the Truth Grows Legs

If we don’t confess the sin, the sin often confesses us—the truth waits for a little while and then it explodes if we’re not forthcoming in respect of it.
The truth can be either our best friend or worst enemy, and, like a ticking bomb, it arrives with a bang. The best thing we can do is be on truth’s side, for when the truth grows legs and walks right into our lives with admonishing nonchalance we better be ready.
It’s not as if the truth lies there to scare us; it just is—it always just is. Truth aligns to an eternal and ancient divine law. What is truth is always truth, has always been truth and always will be the truth.
Truth never changes.
Although we may deny the truth from time to time, especially in areas of weakness in our lives, the truth comes galloping toward us at the same speed it always does. If we are not ready for it, it will run over us.
No Use Complaining
We may complain as much as we want, but there is little use in complaining for not heeding the warnings of truth that are known eternally. Still, we take our chances, and the chances are known to folly, for wisdom aligns to the truth every time.
When the truth grows legs, it comes into our lives in ways to either curse us or bless us. It is said the truth comes slowly. What this article is saying is it does come. The truth judges everything, or more aptly God uses the truth to ply his inevitable judgment.
Again, there isn’t much use in complaining, because complaining shows us how immature we are in not being prepared to accept the consequences we had prepared for ourselves. It isn’t the fault of truth that we opted for vice over virtue.
Conversely, it bodes us well when we have faced the truth and we have quickly run with it out of our respect for God and out of our wisdom for living.
The truth judges us, whether we like it or not. It is up to us whether we want to be judged consequent of blessing or cursing. We have a choice. God gives us the knowledge and we have his power; all we need to do is apply his will and pray for the power to carry his will out. Then we will know the blessed power in accord with living for the truth.
Living committed to the truth is the best sign we respect God. It’s acknowledging that the truth has the power to liberate or destroy. God loves us to the degree that he gives us the choice. Will we be liberated or destroyed? We are blessed to honour the truth.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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