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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prayer Talk and a Prayerful Walk

Comes the time for a difficult chat,
When there are tough things that need to be said,
Prayer talk practiced gives the tact,
To wisely consider matters with both heart and head.
How important to have the difficult conversation first with ourselves in the courts of God before controversial matters are raised, creating conflicts of misunderstanding. Prayer talk is wisdom for a happily prudent life.
It is amazing how well in tune we can be with God when we have deliberately stalled on action that could be devoid of his will. How well God acts at times when we avert our own action in favour that he might speak, through, and into our circumstances.
Comes the time when faith must rise,
Which is best underpinned by prayer talk,
Where the request of God: “Open my eyes,
So I might, in you and with you, walk.”
Faith and prayer talk go hand in hand, and we are seriously mistaken when we separate the two. The simplest of prayers – to commence them this way – is to ask the Lord to open our eyes so we would walk in keeping with him.
Talking seems to precede walking, this way. But this is prayer talk we talk about – not the officious sense of pride that makes us speak without thinking.
Comes the time when I’m flat on my back,
When my troubles cause me to spill,
Where all the attention’s on my lack,
And everything seems such a bitter pill.
Prayer talk is crucial when a prayerful walk is impossible. Sometimes we feel so backwashed in the midst of life – when we are flummoxed and floored for a response – that a numbed and non-vocal prayer is all we have. That’s okay. We allow the ministry of God’s healing to speak and revive our weary bones, so again we can walk.
Comes the time for the moment to hustle,
When panic is the order of the day,
Where by prayer talk I need to resist the bustle,
And ensure my resilience holds sway.
Prayer talk, as these times, is that shot of awareness that soothes the heart and quietens the mind when fear rages. Prayer talk calms our walk.
Comes the time when I’m all at peace,
When I’m cogently Holy Spirit led,
Prayer talk makes the distractive noise cease,
And my head and heart are entwined and wed.
This is the state of serenity we all dream of; where peace plays beautifully on the track of the mind to a harmony sweet to the heart.
Prayer talk – solemn and constant communion with God in our thoughts – is the means by which we prayerfully walk.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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