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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Living Right In An Upside-Down World

— Steven Furtick
We most certainly live in an upside-down world. The moment we understand that our happiness lies in giving it away, and we do this same thing as a matter of routine, is a moment we begin to truly live. We see here what God calls us to – to live in such a way as to recognise we are not here alone – there are people with needs all about. God is calling us to get involved in the work of his creation to the extension of blessing within the realm of relationships.
Convenience, on the other hand, or for some, comfort, and for others, pleasure, seem to be the way we can fast track our way to blessing – we take what is ours for the taking. But we miss the point. Blessing is God-ordained, not of us at all. When we understand this, and accept it, realising living concepts have to be this way, we grow exponentially in wisdom. All of a sudden life makes sense. What a travesty it is that many people go to their graves having never understood.
Whatever we place our efforts in, whatever we love, becomes intrinsically part of us – it adheres to us in the form of our identity.
If we will choose for our convenience or our comfort or our pleasure, we choose for a selfish identity. But if we will choose to seek God, all ways, God will most certainly inspire a calling from within us; a venture of kingdom majesty where we can be used to good effect to the extension of blessing to others, for the glory of God.
This is the chance of our lives; after we are dead the opportunity to live in this world is forever gone. And although we are eternal beings – our spirits – we may have no more opportunity to create and inspire and transform. Our opportunity to impact life and lives stands in the present tense. If we will take God seriously enough to earnestly seek him – the knowledge of his desires for our lives – we will most certainly have our minds and hearts furnished by words and visions and dreams that will grace our identities.
It’s a secret revealed by the Lord Jesus: we live in an upside-down world. If we wish to be happy we will understand we need to make others happy. If we wish to be loved we will understand we need to love others. If we desire peace we will understand we need to live peaceably.
Convenience, comfort and pleasure God wants for us, but it’s not for us to take them; God gives generously and we are blessed to trust him. Living right is about putting God first.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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