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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mayhem, Calamity, Insanity... God’s Peace

In the busyness of life,
Racked with anxiousness and strife,
Temptation’s swarm to fixate.
Instead of feeling small,
We may stand erect and tall,
Just stay positive and don’t be late.
We can choose to flounder or flourish; to be anguished or to accept. We can achieve much in one 24-hour period if we work on being on time; for our appointments, deadlines and commitments. We can do most things well, but few things perfectly. Good enough is good enough.
Surviving for One More Day is Thriving or Nothing
We can choose to remain in this race of life by moping through it, or by choosing a confidence on loan – which is a confidence that is free – which is also a confidence that is real, in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We can afford the price of this confidence as we joyously do the one thing before us; only one thing we can do and that thing we can do. Only then is there the next thing. It doesn’t matter if this one thing before us is ten things. We do them if it’s possible.
When we add to our attitude of confidence, the willingness to stretch forward and diligently undertake what is for us alone to do, and we see the results for our patient work, we allow God’s Spirit to inspire ourselves.
Surviving one more day, and then one more, is a thriving life. Either that, or we are putting ourselves down and it’s a nothing life. We make that choice as to how we see and manage our lives. Nobody can do it for us.
But as we bend forward toward the realities that God has put before us, and we manage one, then the next, and the next, and so on, God shows us our faith to simply present as faithful – and God is faithful in giving us the reward of confidence to shine from within our beings.
A lot of life’s challenges can be contained and met simply in not being late. By planning ahead – and by diligently doing what we can do – by getting over our procrastination (which is fear) – we gain the reward of a relief from stress, and we gain confidence that we can succeed by our own courageous efforts.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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