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Monday, September 16, 2013

How Hurts Help Healing and Wholeness

Whenever we have the raw courage to be honest, especially in the realm of our emotions, God’s Spirit is able to do a healing work. And this helps so much in the midst of our relationships, for we are able to genuinely deal with people graciously having been touched by the healing ministry of the Spirit.
This is important, because our hurts emanate from people; those people and situations we find particularly ungracious. But there is always life beyond those things we find ungracious. We have to be open and deal with our pride; every barrier to arrogant ignorance is a stumbling block for the unknowing.
The Reason for Hurt Is Hope for Healing
We shouldn’t be surprised when we are hurt, because we are thinking, feeling beings capable of knowing love and fear, acceptance and rejection.
So when we are hurt, even if we feel confused and frustrated, we can understand there is a logic in feeling this way.
We can know that in the basis of hurt there is the opportunity – the hope – for healing, and greater portion of wholeness. All we need is the authenticity of honesty, being truthful about our thoughts and feelings, so as to make them accessible to an as yet untapped genre of spiritual experience.
There is a resource of great power that is accessed when we advocate for ourselves in the form of validating our feelings. Such a thing is helped as we afford for ourselves the fair and reasonable portion of God’s grace – which we may even give to others, yet sparingly to ourselves.
If we can see that our hurts have propagated the possibility for healing, because we are prompted to deal in the truth, we don’t go the way of anger toward retribution. We execute the movement of grace in the moment to instead rally in the truth rather than respond by anger, denial, bargaining, or by depressed thought.
Our hurts are opportunities to help us toward the healing of wholeness. Hurts make us open emotionally and when humility is elevated – because we have given up on our pride – and truth is revealed and able to be seen, the agency to healing is made manifest.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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