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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Having the Courage to Seek Support

Faithful is the LORD,
He gives me time enough to serve,
When others truly need me,
God’s given me just enough reserve.
It’s never God’s will that someone puts off asking for help. I so value that people resist their fear and ply courage in seeking help when they need it. We do God’s will when we seek support. And it is never a burden to provide such necessary support.
Not everyone has access to the support they may need straight away, so having courage to seek support and to continue seeking so as to not give up beforehand is vital.
Everyone deserves support. And the truth is those people who have been supported all their lives require the least support, for they are able to support themselves. They have learned to stand on their own two feet, because they have been privileged with support. That is, until a circumstance comes into their lives that floors them, and renders them into despair. In such a circumstance it doesn’t really matter how autonomous or mature we are; some circumstances of life will floor anyone.
Seeking support is wisdom. It is the humility to admit we need help, as much as it is the admission that we may only need to just get back on our feet, having been floored. Sometimes getting up can take a few days and up to a few months or longer.
Seeking support is wise because we acknowledge we have limits, and there are areas of life where we cannot help ourselves no matter how much we want to reject such a notion.
Whether it is a listening ear, ideas for problem-solving, some sound advice, someone to pray with us, or to share and therefore relieve our burden, or for some other reason, we all need support. And when we don’t seek that support, because we wish to stubbornly do it on our own, we alone, as well as possibly others, suffer.
We might often worry that we are burdening someone when we seek their support, but if we consider that person loving, and they are, they won’t mind one bit providing the support we need. After all, it is a privilege to support someone, because, not only do we feel trusted, we are also quietly thankful that we are in a better state of mind and heart.
Many people would prefer to provide support than be supported, but the truth is we all need support from time to time.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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